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Couple Counseling

Is A Sense Of Disconnection Or Betrayal Negatively Impacting Your Relationship?

• Have you been feeling frustrated, disconnected, or stuck in your relationship? 
• Yet, do you and your partner keep coming up against the same barriers as you try to address tension?
• Are you beginning to doubt if the two of you have a future together?

When there is distance within a marriage or long-term relationship, it can create a massive abyss. You may find yourself wondering Can we stop fighting? How will we escape the cycle we’re in? Will our relationship ever change for the better? Living with these thoughts can introduce feelings of hopelessness and despair that worsen the cycle of conflict. Maybe it feels like you’ve tried everything, but rebuilding the connection you once shared also feels impossible. 

A Black couple on their wedding day.If your relationship is struggling, you are likely experiencing the impact throughout every area of your life. Maybe communication has become strained to the point that you can no longer discuss basic, everyday topics—perhaps involving housework or childcare—without an argument breaking out. You are probably also finding it difficult to maintain a sense of emotional or physical intimacy in the relationship because you feel frustrated, detached, or unwanted.

Our therapists get it: no matter what you and your partner do, you can’t get any closer. If this is the case, it might be time to take the next step and consider professional help. The skilled therapists at The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching specialize in couples issues, and we use proven, evidence-based methods to help target ongoing relational disconnection. On the map to healing and recovery, our clinicians know where to go and how to get there.

If Your Relationship Is Struggling, You Are Not Alone

Feelings of disconnection, resentment, and betrayal are very common in relationships; every couple encounters discord and conflict at some point. Our relationships are as complicated as the individuals in them, and many of us are not equipped with the necessary tools and perspective for managing differences. 

This is often because we have lacked healthy relationship models from a young age. Many of us grew up in environments that did not model effective communication, cohabitation, or loving behaviors. And even though we may become aware of these issues as we grow and have new experiences, we nevertheless may bring unhealthy expectations and behaviors into our relationships as adults. 

Unfortunately, a lot of couples avoid asking for help, whether they are afraid of changing the status quo or concerned about the stigma of mental health counseling. They may believe that couples therapy signals a doomed relationship or that a specific crisis needs to impact their partnership for counseling to benefit them. The reality is that all couples—including those in stable relationships or considering marriage—can benefit from the nonjudgmental guidance of a therapist. 

At The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching, our clinicians are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is the gold standard for couples work. As couples are guided through the process of de-escalation, positive change, and the development of essential skills, they can find their way back to one another.

Our Therapists Are Trained In Highly Effective Couples Therapy Approaches

Couple arguing during a therapy session Couples therapy through our practice is available in three formats: hourly weekly sessions, extended sessions, and intensives. 
  • Hourly weekly sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes and are recommended at the beginning of treatment (after which the frequency of sessions may be reduced to bi-weekly or monthly sessions as the relationship improves). 
  • Extended sessions are longer sessions (in lieu of a weekly appointment) that are typically 3 hours and may be appropriate for couples with scheduling constraints. 
  • Intensives are 2 or 3 days’ worth of 6-hour sessions that can help couples with scheduling constraints and/or who are in crisis. (For more information about this option, visit our Couples Intensives page.)
We welcome couples of all backgrounds to the counseling space, including those seeking therapy for ongoing conflict, communication issues, trauma, infidelity, and a lack of closeness. Our therapists also offer sex therapy for couples struggling with aspects of physical intimacy. For couples who identify as Christian, religious-oriented counseling is available

How Emotionally Focused Therapy Benefits Couples

EFT is the model used for couples therapy at The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching. Called “The Most Effective Couples Therapy, By Far” by Psychology Today, EFT has a remarkably high success rate among couples. In fact, “90 percent of couples who go through EFT significantly improve their relationship and 70-75 percent of couples no longer fit the criteria for relationship distress following treatment.” [1]

couple with arms wrapped around each other smilingThe premise of EFT revolves around attachment theory, wherein an individual partner’s attachment style is identified, explored, and better understood by their significant other. As the couple develops more awareness around how each partner gives and receives love, communication can be adjusted accordingly. Rather than avoiding emotions, EFT helps people learn how to tap into their authentic feelings and desires in a way that will lead to shared intimacy, friendship, and problem-solving. Furthermore, because we are trauma-informed clinicians, we know how to safely open up and explore attachment wounds and other relational traumas so that the healing process can begin.

Our couples therapists have witnessed deep, meaningful transformations in the relationships and marriages of our clients who use EFT. As partners develop a stronger awareness of each other’s unique needs, desires, and communication styles, they can build a lifelong toolkit for fostering repair and reconnection. With the targeted, personalized professional help of a therapist, you can gain:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased connectedness, closeness, and safety
  • More joy and less conflict
  • A new understanding of your sex life and desires
  • The creation of a new relational dynamic
  • Renewed sense of togetherness and partnership
  • A new understanding of why the relationship got stuck
  • Tools to stay out of a negative cycle.

It’s normal for relationships to encounter setbacks, but by committing to the process of therapy, you are investing in your future—together.

Common Concerns About Couples Therapy…

Our therapists understand that treatment is an expense. However, therapy really is an investment—not just in yourself, but in the health of your family and future generations. If your relationship gets worse, you could be paying far more than the cost of counseling—potentially for divorce attorneys, relocation, child support, and more. 

The financial costs of relationship deterioration are huge; the family and emotional costs are even bigger and longer lasting. Your marriage deserves the best possible help, and we can provide that to you.

It is certainly disappointing when therapy doesn’t have the effect that you want. However, it’s important to consider that the therapist-client fit is a significant factor in the outcome. 

We have a range of couples therapists on our team that can relate to your experiences. They have been where you are right now and have seen drastic improvements in their relationship upon working with a skilled couples counselor and using EFT. EFT is the gold standard of couples counseling, so we encourage you to give it a try and see if you notice improvement after a few sessions.

We understand this fear because sometimes it feels like things are getting worse when you are exploring wounds that have never been healed. Yet, the intention of therapy is to make your relationship better, not worse. Though there may be times when you feel activated or uncomfortable in the therapy space, our clinicians will provide you with skills for regulating your emotions in a way that will make your discussions feel more positive and manageable.

Reconnection Is Possible

At The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching, our therapists specialize in couples and relationships. To find out more about if our couples counseling services are right for you, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our services are available to clients throughout Keller and the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.