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Couples Intensives

Could Your Relationship Benefit From A Couples Intensive?

Are you and your partner stuck in a negative cycle of arguments and disconnection?
Has infidelity, betrayal, or another stressor put your marriage or relationship in crisis?
Is your marriage on the brink of divorce?
And do you need more intensive support than what weekly therapy can offer?

When couples struggle to the point of considering separation, they are usually desperate for change to come—sooner rather than later. Though traditional weekly counseling sessions are beneficial for couples experiencing setbacks in their relationship, there is a limit to what can be accomplished in an hour. Not to mention, a week in between sessions offers a lot of time to fall back into unhealthy, counterproductive patterns. 

In some cases, weekly therapy sessions simply aren’t an option. Many couples struggle to find time in their schedules to accommodate a weekly appointment, especially if they have children or restrictive work schedules, and it can be difficult to make an indefinite, long-term commitment to therapy when the relationship is struggling right now

An intensive offers you the time, space, and privacy needed to meaningfully work through the challenges you experience as a couple. At The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching, we specialize in couples work and are pleased to offer intensive therapy sessions to clients in crisis or in need of more comprehensive support. Let’s work together to get your relationship to a stable, manageable place. 

What Is A Couples Intensive?

An intensive is a private, 2- to 3-day retreat that offers couples the opportunity to receive months’ worth of counseling in a span of days. This personalized service is available to couples who are experiencing substantial relationship stress and looking to make a change quickly. The process is generally structured around the premise of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and is tailored to the unique needs of each couple. 

Our Intensives Draw From The Highly Effective Method Of EFT

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an attachment-based therapeutic model that helps couples understand the science of bonding. Since the mid-1980s, this approach has helped couples of all backgrounds and experiences thrive and establish a new sense of connection. Given how effective this method has been in helping partners understand one another, overcome conflict, and establish new, healthier patterns, EFT is considered the gold standard in couples therapy. 

Couples intensives through The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching are structured around the EFT Mapping process, which will help your therapist gauge your progress throughout the process. There are 3 stages of EFT Mapping—De-Escalation, Restructuring, and Consolidation—which occur over the following steps:

  1. Identify cycles, identify emotions, and work to de-escalate conflict
  2. Guide couples in viewing the negative cycle as the adversary rather than one another
  3. Engage the withdrawing partner
  4. Soften the pursuing (blaming) partner 
  5. Create new cycles of interacting
  6. Integrate new cycles of trust, connection, and safety and apply those cycles to ongoing conflict

Using these steps, we have witnessed our couples transform their pain into progress as they foster a new understanding of themselves and their relationship.

What To Expect In Couples Intensives Through The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching

old lady providing couple therapy to newlywed

Our therapists are passionate about guiding couples through the intensive process and promoting positive, immediate change. We welcome clients of all backgrounds to join us in intensive therapy, which is ideal for couples who:

  • Are in crisis due to infidelity, betrayal, or extreme relationship stress.
  • Are stuck in unending conflict cycles
  • Are considering separation/divorce.
  • Want to focus on healing their sexual relationship.
  • Do not have schedules that can permit weekly sessions.
  • Are therapists themselves and interested in doing their own relationship work.
  • Want to deepen their connection.

Beginning with a detailed assessment process—including phases involving both you and your significant other working together and individually with the therapist—your clinician will work to better understand your unique relationship history, attachment style, and presenting issues. From there, you will learn more about the science behind attachment and trauma before unpacking the conflict that is keeping you stuck. 

The bulk of the intensive process will be spent helping you and your partner overcome disagreement and gridlock by facilitating a deeper awareness of the pain points in your relationship. As you each learn more about your “Raw Spots” and “Demon Dialogues,” which are the sensitivities and patterns that you’ve brought into the relationship based on past experiences, you will be better able to slow down and de-escalate the cycle of conflict. 

Then, once you have arrived at the main premise of EFT, which is Engaging and Connecting, you will begin applying skills that can interrupt attacks, accusations and shutting down and instead connect with one another’s core needs and focus on shared goals together. Not only will this process help you become more forgiving and flexible; it will foster deepened physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy while teaching you how to keep the love alive in your marriage for years to come.

What is covered in the couples Counseling intensive?

Through this process, you and your partner have a chance to enhance your communication, establish a new sense of togetherness and partnership, and create a new, healthier, and more enjoyable relationship dynamic.

What Do Couples Say About It?

“The therapy my partner and I experienced with Risper far exceeded my wildest expectations. Risper facilitated a safe space where each of our needs were affirmed, and our biggest concerns were addressed. We left feeling we had new and better tools for making sure our 20+ year relationship is secure and more stable going forward. It was a relief to have real help finding new ways to avoid falling into the same patterns we’ve been struggling with.

My partner has been telling me her needs for years, but I never understood her until now. Likewise, I have been telling her my needs for years, but never felt understood until now. I think the breakthroughs we experienced with Risper have been our Rosetta Stone, allowing us to translate each other’s words and actions and understand what the other truly means.”

Common Questions About Couples Intensives…

The cost for couples intensives is as follows:

  • 3-day intensive – $3,800 for new clients; $3,200 for current clients
  • 2-day intensive – $3,000 for new clients; $2,500 for current clients

A $1,000 deposit is required to secure the dates for 2- and 3-day intensives.

A great way to begin this process is by booking a 30-minute online consultation with one of our clinicians who provides couples intensives. During this consultation, your therapist will learn more about your relationship and give you an idea of how our approach can benefit you. From there, you will determine if conventional couples therapy sessions, extended sessions, or an intensive is right for you. 

Once your counseling format is determined, you will receive paperwork, schedule and confirm the time for your couples intensive retreat, and be asked to read Created for Connection or Hold Me Tight by the founder of EFT herself, Dr. Sue Johnson. 

We also recommend that you prepare by arranging for childcare and/or time off from work if necessary, booking accommodations if you’re traveling (we are happy to offer suggestions for where to stay), and preparing your payment as the full amount will be due a week before the time of your intensive.

Generally, couples intensive retreats are not appropriate for partnerships in which there is an ongoing affair, current addiction with no recovery plan, or domestic violence. If one or both partners are absolutely not committed to working on the relationship, then discernment counseling is likely a better option. We will provide referrals if discernment counseling is necessary.

All services of The Love Seat Counseling are fee-for-service. We will provide you with an invoice if requested so you can file it with your insurance company for an out-of-network reimbursement. Please understand that not all insurance companies reimburse for out-of-network, so you will need to discuss this with your insurance provider.

Typically, our clinicians are able to book intensives within 2 to 3 weeks.

Following the intensive, we will develop an ongoing after care plan based on the outcome of the intensive with one of our clinicians or provide a referral for those located outside the state of Texas. This will give us an opportunity to track and reinforce the progress we made together following your intensive.

In weighing the cost of an intensive, think about what you are trying to save—your marriage, your family, your bloodline. If your relationship gets worse, you could be paying far more than the cost of therapy for divorce attorneys, relocation, child support, and more. The financial costs of relationship deterioration are huge; the family and emotional costs are even bigger and longer-lasting. Your marriage deserves the best possible help, and we can provide that to you.

Find Closeness And Resolution, Quickly

The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching is pleased to offer traditional weekly therapy sessions, extended sessions, and intensive retreats to couples struggling in their relationship or marriage. To find out which format is best for you or to schedule an appointment, contact us.