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I get you

You are struggling with conflict, distress, and poor communication. Your relationship with your partner or your family is suffering and you don’t know how to improve it. You’re struggling to overcome difficulties of your past, gain a sense of self-worth, develop new relationship patterns, and become your best self. You are overwhelmed with complex trauma or co-dependency or depression or anxiety. If you are Black, Latinx, or other minority people group, you are looking for a counselor who can relate and empathize with your unique challenges.

I get you.

You are struggling with conflict, distress, and poor communication. Your relationship with your partner or your family is suffering and you don’t know how to improve it. You’re struggling to overcome difficulties of your past, gain a sense of self-worth, develop new relationship patterns, and become your best self. You are overwhelmed with complex trauma or co-dependency or depression or anxiety. If you are Black, Latinx, or other minority people group, you are looking for a counselor who can relate and empathize with your unique challenges.

I see individuals, couples, and families in weekly sessions as well as 2-3 day couples intensive counseling. I look forward to working with you!

Creating a space where you can breakthrough and overcome personal and relationship challenges

Need help overcoming adult or childhood trauma? Dealing with anxiety or depression? Want to have better relationships but don’t know how? Individual counseling can help you navigate life’s challenges including trauma, depression and anxiety.

Couple looking into each other’s eyes while smiling

Constantly fighting with your partner? Do you feel stuck in a constant cycle of conflict and negativity? Recovering from infidelity? Want to be more intimate in bed? Couples counseling can help heal and strengthen your connection with the person you care about most.

Family therapy provides space for each family member to explore the difficult interactional patterns that prevent the family from thriving.  Family counseling can help you change those patterns and build stronger bonds within your family.

Group therapy is a powerful tool for growth and change. In process groups, 8-10 individuals meet to share their struggles and concerns with a trained group therapist. It is a great healing experience where you connect with others.

Hi, I’m Risper Wangari.

Licensed Counselor and Life Coach

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT), and the founder of The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching. I have a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy along with advanced Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method training. I have a passion for helping individuals heal from complex trauma and distressed relationships. I was drawn to these specific specialties because they touch me personally and are so prevalent in today’s society.

In-Person and Telehealth Video Counseling Sessions Available

At The Love Seat Counseling & Life Coaching, we provide safe, compassionate, and affordable therapy & counseling services. Our focus is on empowering transformation, healing relationships, and cultivating connections. We offer both in-person and virtual options, with expertise in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and the Gottman Method. We prioritize serving diverse communities and providing minority-focused care.

What People Say about us

Risper is a trusted colleague and a highly empathetic and caring counselor. She is competent in her therapy practices for couples and individuals of all ages. Her smile and warm nature will make you feel instantly at ease as your work together to accomplish your counseling goals
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Amber Bezney
LPC, Acacia Counseling
Joy flows freely from Risper! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her during her Masters program, as well as in her professional career. Risper exudes love and professional care you want from a counselor. I highly recommend Risper to you!
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Mark Connell
Former Pastor, Gateway Church
Risper is one of a kind! Working with her has been a positive experience from the start. She knows how to really listen and reflect back on the issue you are trying to figure out, even if you feel you might not be communicating very clearly. She knows how to ask the right questions to further a client in their train of thought, as well as ask for more information if something isn’t quite clear. All in all, I have felt nothing but supported in my personal journey working with her, and very much felt I was in a safe space to share all aspects of myself. Whatever I was willing to share, she was willing to listen to. As a good counselor, she will not just tell you what you want to hear. I’d highly recommend working with her as a couple or individually.
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Female 35
Individual & Couples Therapy
Courtney Holbrook
Courtney Holbrook
“I have known Risper for many years now and she is one of the most kindest, compassionate counselors I know. In addition, to her skill and expertise, her presence and care for people is superior. She is an excellent fit for couples and individuals seeking refuge and recovery from their distress.”
Caroline N.
Caroline N.
I highly recommend Risper. She is professional, kind and a great listener.
Beverly Namulundu
Beverly Namulundu
Risper is a genuine , caring and empathetic counselor who is also patient and possess great communication and listening skills.She has a genuine interest for others and is highly recommended.
Rachie M
Rachie M
Risper is a warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional. She has a great combination of empathy and intuitive practicality that gently untangles the weeds. She provides invaluable support and tools that provide a confident framework of clarity and hope. I highly recommend her!
Sophia Muma
Sophia Muma
Risper is such an energetic, positive and focused professional. The time we spend together is meaningful, productive and life changing. If you're researching life coaches, you will be in good hands.
S Thomas
S Thomas
Risper is amazing at her profession and has the best listening skills!
Diana Muhoro
Diana Muhoro
Risper is such a wonderful warm person who is so kind and well rounded. So thankful how I feel at home and safe when I’m around her. She is a great listener and gives me space to process. She is a professional who really enjoys what she does and you can tell by how she talks to you and makes room for you. Thank you so much Risper for being such a beautiful gift in my life. 🌻
Nelly Ngumba
Nelly Ngumba
Risper is professional, kind, compassionate with a warm heart and smile exactly what one needs in a counselor. Highly recommended.
Amber Bezney
Amber Bezney
Risper is a trusted colleague and a highly empathetic and caring counselor. She is competent in her therapy practices for couples and individuals. Her smile and warm nature will make you feel instantly at ease as your work together to accomplish your counseling goals. Her passion and work with couples in marriage intensives is much needed. I often refer clients to her knowing they will be in good hands. I highly recommend her!

Empowering Change: Fort Worth Counseling Services for Relationships and Personal Growth

We often deal with situations that we assume we cannot change.

A bad relationship does not have to be one of them! Perhaps you’re facing trauma, family issues, the agony of cheating, or considering divorce. Whether your concerns are from the past, present, or future, discussing them privately with an experienced therapist can help you face problems, make adjustments, and move ahead in the best way for you.

In Fort Worth’s heart, our professional counselors and therapists are committed to offering compassionate counseling services. We provide individual, couple,  family, and trauma fort worth counseling services in a safe environment to address conflicts and concerns with your partners, children, parents, siblings, family members, and friends.

We assist with issues such as daily stress from responsibilities and decisions; more persistent issues such as: trauma, physical, sexual, or psychological abuse; coping with addiction, feelings of despair, loneliness, anxiety, or fear.

Why Choose us ?

Trusted Therapists: Our Fort Worth counselors are highly qualified and experienced experts who care about your well-being. They are well-versed in human emotions, relationships, and personal growth.

Integrity: We respect the most significant ethical standards of our clients, ensuring confidentiality, honesty, and professionalism.

Non-Discrimination and Inclusivity: We value diversity and offer fort worth counseling and life coaching services to people of all origins, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations, creating an accepting environment for all.

Respect: We treat each individual with dignity, value their unique experiences, and provide a secure and nonjudgmental environment where they may express themselves.

Minority-focused counseling

I understand that minorities face societal pressure, cultural expectations, and many problems that can affect their mental health badly. As a professional counselor, I am dedicated to providing a secure and supportive environment for People who identify as Black, Latinx, or members of any other minority group.

I recognize the significance of addressing these populations’ unique requirements and experiences. Moreover, my goal is to support different communities, assist them in managing the complications they face and provide them with solutions that create a path to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Counseling for Me?

Making the decision to see a counselor can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you have never seen a counselor before and aren’t sure what to expect. Counselors are able to help with a variety of problems ranging from a difficulty adjusting or coping with a new life change to depression. Here are some reasons why you may need counseling:


• You are having emotions or thoughts that are not normal for you or that are hard to control.

• You feel stuck in your life and want to make some changes but can’t do it on your own.

• There is an important relationship in your life that has just ended or begun and you need help navigating the loss or addition.

• You are having difficulty in a very important relationship in your life.

• You are participating in activities (i.e. pornography, extramarital affairs) that are hurting you or an important relationship and need help to stop.

• Your family has grown (through birth, adoption, or beginning to care for an elderly parent for example) and you and your family need help with the change.

• The sexual intimacy between you and your spouse has changed and you are concerned about the change.


By no means does this short list name all of the reasons you may want to seek counseling, but these are some common feelings that cause someone to begin thinking about seeing a counselor. In the end, you may simply want to see a counselor because you are feeling a little ‘off’ or need to talk to someone about how you are feeling. So, the most important reason to seek a counselor is because you determine that you need help.

How long is Counseling?

Typical weekly sessions are 50 minutes with extended sessions available upon request. The healing journey is unique for everyone, some clients need 8-10 sessions and others more or less. Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them and the length of time therapy can take to allow you to accomplish your goals depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and the factors that are driving you to seek therapy in the first place.

What's EFT therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a popular method focusing on emotions, attachment, and interpersonal relationships.

EFT’s purpose is to help people communicate their emotions effectively and respond to each other’s emotional needs caring and lovingly. EFT may lead to more gratifying and meaningful relationships and a stronger sense of emotional well-being by boosting emotional awareness and response.


EFT follows a three-stage systematic approach:


Stabilization: This is the first stage in which the therapist helps to develop an understanding and experience of the negative cycle in the relationship.


Bonding: This is the second stage in which the therapist helps couples break negative cycles and remote acceptance.


Consolidation of change: This third stage consolidates fresh perspectives, emotional intimacy, and attachment cycles.

EFT is beneficial in helping couples in resolving problems, enhance intimacy, and develop more profound and stable relationships. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential couples therapy and is used by therapists worldwide.

What can I expect from marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is a process that focuses on relationships and marriage. It is provided by licensed therapists that will help you improve communication, resolve problems, and rebuild trust in the relationship.


The therapist will practice and teach good communication strategies while creating a secure, neutral environment for open dialogue. They help you and your spouse understand each other’s points of view and requirements.


Marital counselors often provide homework and activities to practice. These activities help strengthen the skills taught in treatment while encouraging continued communication and connection.

How much is premarital counseling?

The fee for our one-day premarital extended session is $1,200.. Our counselors will guide you through this process, giving you the tricks for a happy and successful marriage. Investing in premarital counseling is essential to creating a fantastic future together. 

What is spiritual counseling?

Spiritual counseling focuses on dealing with a person’s spiritual and existential issues. It involves helping people understand and connect with their spiritual beliefs, values, and purpose. Spiritual counselors may come from various religious or spiritual traditions. Still, their primary goal is to create a secure and non-judgmental environment for people to explore their inner voices and seek spiritual direction.


Spiritual counseling enables people to question deeply held ideas and to commit to ideals that are important to them. People least interested in spirituality can also benefit by asking self-realization questions, becoming more aware of their personal growth resilience, and building a  better connection with themselves and the world.

What is life management counseling?

Life Counselling allows you to express your concerns and needs in a secure and confidential setting. The method helps you vent your frustrations, reflect on your thoughts, gain life skills, and increase your psychological resilience.


In life management counseling, we help you to identify what is causing you stress or depression and provide practical solutions to that.  It all comes down to learning how to manage your time, deal with stress, create objectives, make decisions, and communicate more effectively with others.


Consider having someone to help you balance work, family, and personal time. We’ll look at ways to deal with difficult situations and significant life transitions.

What is the best way to discover a therapist who suits your needs?
  1. Understand your needs.
  2. Request referrals from friends or do an internet search.
  3. Explore Local Resources.
  4. Trust your intuition and ask questions to them that matter to you.
  5. Be bold and switch therapists if you don’t feel comfortable.
When should you consider therapy?

Consider going to therapy if you feel overwhelmed with everything, suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, Grief and loss, illness, or any phobia. Therapy will help you understand, deal with these problems, and improve your mental and emotional health.

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